Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.

– Mark Twain


Product Replacement – Feminine Stuff

Today I had to drive 20 minutes away to replace feminine products.

Sadly, I was caught unaware and used my ‘old’ stuff (Always Brand).  Burn time. I love the infinity ones because they are comfortable, and large. Sadly, that comfort was restricted to fit and not the burning sensation. I’m not sure if this is an item I really needed to replace, but the next 6 weeks is all about removing ALL formaldehyde from my environment. Once I do that, I can tell if the diagnosis is accurate, and then any new reactions will be very easy to pinpoint.

In science terms – we’re creating a control.

The new product is by Natracare. Their feminine hygiene products (ok, I’ll say it – Pads) are made from organic cotton, cornstarch, and NO chemicals. I found them at the Natural Foods store in Hampton, NH. Here’s a link of where else they can be found (note that they are generally cheaper at the store than on Amazon):

I didn’t go with the Seventh Generation product on this one because they use chemicals in the top fabric layer (the one that actually touches your skin) and I have no idea which chemicals. I’m also not in the frame of mind to try out the rewashable fabric method, or the menstrual cup. Call me brainwashed. (Also, for other health issues I don’t think the cup would work out well, but that’s another discussion).

I bought a nighttime pack, and a super pack (w/wings). The store didn’t have ultra or long ultra. So far – the super seems very thin, but it was a good length for me and the price was a comparable $5.78 (12 pack). I normally use the heavy version of Always, so this may be a problem for heavy users like me. This is why I grabbed the night ones too (better too thick than too thin, right?) I might ask the store owner if she would mind stocking the ultra, I’m pretty sure that she would.

Here’s some resources for you:

Return of the Mist

Well, its been over a year since I posted. I’m not really sure why I stopped – got busy I suppose. Here’s a better question – why am I back?

Well, turns out I’m allergic to formaldehyde. Why does that matter? Because in the age where information is readily available, info on this allergy is annoyingly difficult to find. Rather than complain about the problem, I figure that I’ll try and be part of the solution. 

Moving forward I’ll post about products that do/don’t contain formaldehyde, how to cope with reactions, and of course the usual photography, musings, and other interesting bits and bobs I come across. 


Dressing the Part

Today, I ran out of “good” jeans. You know – the type without holes in them. The type you wear to work because you’re a technician and can get away with it. 

What did I wear?

Well, I damn well couldn’t wear one of my (two) existing skirts. Crawling around under desks and lifting server equipment would be extremely comical in the unstructured, revealing, fabric that most other women wear.

So, I went with a par of pinstripe slacks and a black top. Simple, different, and definitely a step up from my normal jeans and a t-shirt. I couldn’t have predicted the aftermath.

Everyone I came across held a door open for me – guy and girl alike. One poor soul held open a door that I didn’t even need. People let me on the bus ahead of them. My German professor acknowledged my existence. 

It’s not even that I looked attractive – I just looked noticeable. I wasn’t the short nondescript hunk of human flesh that they usually cut in front of. For the first time in awhile – I feel confident.

Hell, I should dress nice more often. 

Take Note

Read, Reflect, Write, Re-write, Paraphrase, Punctuate.

We are constantly learning, and accumulating information.

Interpretation, Inspiration, Ideas.

We then compile that information into notes, and then into higher media.

Books, Papers, Radio, Film, TV

Then someone else takes this media and…

Read, Reflect, Write, Re-write,Paraphrase, Punctuate.