Toeing the Line

There is a thin line between arrogance and pride. 

Both denote confidence – in our abilities, our personalities, our looks. A proud individual is someone who seemingly works hard, who has made something he or she can be proud of. An arrogant individual, however, is someone who thinks they know best. Someone who sees his or her way as the best,and sometimes only, way.

What a lot of people miss is the underlying, deeply buried, stigma that is attached to these words. I’m willing to bet that your thoughts of ‘pride’ include Soldiers, Firefighters, EMTs, laborers, and family members. Now think of arrogance. I’ll put down money that you’re thinking of an intellect. A scientist, a professor, an artist.

We as a society see physical work as more honest work.

Thinkers, problem solvers, laborers alike – we are all proud of what we strive for.

It’s that pride that toes the line of arrogance,

but it’s that same pride that spurs us on.



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